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Our mission is to make the energy management process as effortless and transparent as possible for our clients.

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PowerShift Energy

A Client-Centric, Customized Approach to Meeting Your Energy Needs

PowerShift Energy is a team of energy advisors, dedicated to helping our clients achieve their energy management goals. We strive to understand your energy consumption behavior, specifically when and how you use energy, as well as your risk tolerance level, to customize a solution best fit for YOUR needs. We take extreme care in selecting and recommending world-class, financially strong energy suppliers, and negotiate on your behalf to ensure that they offer you fair contractual terms and excellent customer service. We represent YOUR best interest... ALWAYS.

What We Can Do For You

Our experienced and dedicated team of energy advisors, combined with our network of large world-class energy suppliers, allows the PowerShift Team to provide unparalleled service and support to our clients.

Efficiency Projects

PowerShift Energy helps our clients identify areas in their facilities that could realize immediate benefit from energy efficiency projects, whether the client needs... READ MORE

Contract Negotiations

Energy contracts, whether for electricity or gas, can be overwhelming and confusing, and some clients may need custom-tailored terms and conditions... READ MORE

Ancillary Income for our Clients

PowerShift Energy helps clients generate ancillary income for their businesses by identifying applicable demand response programs, state and local government rebate... READ MORE


PowerShift Energy helps our clients identify the applicable energy solutions that best fit their sustainability needs. For clients who want to go green or have corporate initiatives... READ MORE

Power & Natural Gas Procurement

All commodity suppliers offer bells and whistles with their rates, leading to a wide and confusing range of rate offers. But one fact that all clients should understand... READ MORE

Bill Audits

Line items on energy bills are often as confusing as energy contracts. Mistakes can occur in either the line items billed by the supplier or those passed through... READ MORE
Career Opportunities:

PowerShift Energy currently offers career opportunities for various positions. Please visit our CAREERS page, or provide us with your contact information and resume below. You will be contacted by a member of our team if we see a potential match.

Prospective Clients:

Please provide your name and contact information, attach and upload energy bill copies of each of your commercial meters, and one of our Energy Advisors will contact you shortly for an introduction and free consultation.

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